Council tax support options explained

COUNCIL TAX, as many bill payers will know, can be a substantial outgoing when it comes to monthly bills. A few weeks ago, the temporary ban on face-to-face collection of debts came to an end – leaving some no doubt wondering what forms of support may be out there.

The government’s five-month emergency suspension on bailiffs – now legally known as enforcement agents – has come to an end. Ahead of the ban lifting, the Ministry of Justice published public health guidance relating to the Taking Control of Goods process last week, with this stating bailiffs should “avoid unduly raising their voice” – due to the potential for increased risk of transmission during the coronavirus crisis.

Official figures show £3.6billion in council tax was owed before the COVID-19 outbreak.

The charity network has raised concerns that many of those who are now in debt may never escape it.

And as research finds one in nine people (six million people nationwide) have fallen behind on a household bill because of coronavirus, Citizens Advice has outlined some forms of financial support which may be out there.