Three-step process

Whatever the size or age of the debt, we can save you time by advising you at the earliest stage about the best way to go about recovering your money.

Our three-step process makes understanding debt recovery easy and our aim is to resolve matters before step two. These steps are;

1. Pre-litigation

This includes:

  • Letter of claim/letter before action
  • Credit checks
  • Phone calls to debtors
  • Monthly updates of each debtor
  • Traces on individuals and businesses

Simply provide us with details of the debtor and a copy of the outstanding invoice.  If there is other information, such as a copy of a contract or agreement between the parties, this may also be useful, but in most cases, this is not essential.

2. Court proceedings

If the debtor does not respond, we will seek your instructions to commence formal court proceedings. We can then then obtain judgment if the proceedings are undefended or no response is received. This can often result in payment of the debt being obtained. If the claim is disputed by the debtor, then we can assist and provide advice on the next steps.

3. Enforcement

Once judgment is obtained, if the debt hasn’t already been paid, there are various methods of enforcement, such as attachment of earnings, charging order, and use of enforcement agents. Often the most effective way is the instruction of a High Court Enforcement Agent to attend the debtor’s premises to collect the payment or remove goods to cover the costs.

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