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The harsh realities of debt recovery and how to deal with them

If you have ever had to recover an overdue invoice from a difficult customer, you will know all too well know the process is rarely straightforward. This article will cover 3 harsh realities of the debt recovery process and will also provide guidance as to how best deal with such potential issues. Debt recovery isn’t…

Eviction rights explained as notice periods for tenants is slashed

Eviction notice periods are being reduced as notice periods return to pre-pandemic levels. We explain what this means and your rights if you’ve been asked to leave your home. Eviction notices are being slashed as temporary measures in place to protect tenants return to pre-pandemic levels. Extra support was put in place during the Covid…

‘Severe arrears’ now just cause for bailiff-enforced evictions

There’s been a further tweak to the eviction controls introduced in England for the duration of the lockdown, lasting until December 2. There has been substantial publicity for what is effectively a ban on evictions, which followed a letter from government to bailiff authorities asking them not to en force possession cases during the lockdown….